• Kyle Nunes

Skating Cause Quarantine

Updated: May 20

Corona Virus has been an extremely obscure time. I'm not sure whether to love it or hate it. The first few weeks consisted of waking up at 12:00, watching a few hours of Netflix, eating too much food, and then playing five hours of Call of Duty with friends. Am I proud of it? Maybe.

I eventually realized this quarantine thing was going to be happening for a very long time. So, I started breaking in the old hobbies, and finding new ones, like this blog. I've been playing so much Sudoku that I'm pretty sure I see the world in numbers. I've created a pretty strong Hinge profile, or at least I think so. Most importantly, I started skating again.

In honor of this recent event, I created a short film reminiscing on the ups and downs of my skate career. Enjoy.