• Kyle Nunes

Skating Cause Quarantine

Updated: May 20, 2020

Corona Virus has been an extremely obscure time. I'm not sure whether to love it or hate it. The first few weeks consisted of waking up at 12:00, watching a few hours of Netflix, eating too much food, and then playing five hours of Call of Duty with friends. Am I proud of it? Maybe.

I eventually realized this quarantine thing was going to be happening for a very long time. So, I started breaking in the old hobbies, and finding new ones, like this blog. I've been playing so much Sudoku that I'm pretty sure I see the world in numbers. I've created a pretty strong Hinge profile, or at least I think so. Most importantly, I started skating again.

In honor of this recent event, I created a short film reminiscing on the ups and downs of my skate career. Enjoy.

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